Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review of the Kindle

Reviewing a piece of kit is not something I would normally do but I thought I would have a go so here follows.
Last year the wife got me a Kindle for Christmas this was one of those gadgets you kind of want but don't want to spend the cash on, 80 quid is allot of money for what is basically something that carry’s books and personally I felt it would lose the feel of reading a book, not wanting to sound clich√©` but there’s something about the smell and feel of paper which is engaging it is all part of the experience.
However I got one and being a smidge on the nerdy side had to use it, so it’s now been nearly a month and two books down and frankly i love it, the page turns are simple and easy to use (i know that sounds daft) but it does work well, the screen is clear and easy to read, the absence of a back light is annoying and could easily have been resolved, in the end of the day if my 6 quid watch has a light it can't be hard to build one in and would have made a huge difference.
On the plus side the Wifi access to the Internet makes it easy to access blogs and other sites (bit strange on the ink screen but clear enough), and there loads of access to free books legal or not so legal ;-) which means you will never run out of stuff to read, on top of that I still haven't had to recharge the battery so all in all an excellent bit of kit. And I would recommend any one who likes to read to invest in one.

Happy reading

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