Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Clean Slate

In my house we have a tradition that come the New Year we wipe the slate clean and start afresh, the idea is simple we clear out all the rubbish from the previous year and move on  anew.  The first act is to clear out the house, all the Christmas decorations go away on December 31st then we go through each room getting rid of the rubbish we simply don’t need, every room gets cleaned so in essence a we start the new year from a clean slate. Then on the 1st of January we open all the windows and doors as to let in the new year. This little ritual may seem a little odd but it’s something we have done for the last 15 years and probably will keep doing for the next 15 and  I like doing it.

As for goals I still have my aims and aspirations these are detailed on the Bucket list Tab and for those who read my Epic fail blog know I have a bit to do to achieve them, (it wouldn’t be worth doing them if they were easy) but the biggest thing I want to achieve this year is to invest more time into what I to do, and to do this I need to clear out the rubbish, the stuff in my life that’s consumes time and doesn’t serve my vested interests. Silly things like playing too much with games on my phone (dam you Angry birds) or the dreaded Facebook can be substituted with reading/writing blogs or my short story. Then there’s the evening once my kids have gone to bed I normally crash why? I sit behind a computer all day my body doesn’t need the rest, do a good hours training then chill it’s only a hour, over a year that 365 hours or 15 days you can do a lot  with that kind of time, but to do this I need to clear out the old habits and instil new ones.

 And that’s my aim for this year clear out the rubbish and reinvest the time to me

Happy New Year and a great 2012

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