Wednesday, 10 August 2011

“why do you write a blog”

I recently got asked “why do you write a blog”, now this came for a man who ironically was asking me to write a blog about work as part of their new  marketing strategy (of which I was supposed to be do in my free time).  Unsurprisingly I haven’t written one about work the joys of estimating and detailing the benefits of using a three sided ruler compared to a two sided one, these are far to mind numbing to put on paper.

However he did ask a good question “why do you write a blog”, well people who know me will know I am a very private person I have a small social circle and generally prefer doing my things by myself, my main past time is virtually done entirely on your own often I places in the middle of nowhere.

And I think this very reason is why I write a blog, its an outlet to get stuff of my chest, some bad some good all depending what I need and how I feel at the time. At the moment I find writing to be very therapeutic and a nice record which I can look back at, and if people like what they read and make a connection or feel inspired to have a go themselves then better still, the huge support I got from my last blog was truly remarkable and helped allot especially when I went back to it a few weeks later.