Monday, 7 November 2011

Its been a while..

Its been a while since I last came on here and wrote a blog, and it would be nice to say its down to doing lots of new and exciting things but to be honest its more due to doing nothing much out the ordinary and not having a real need to vent the things going through my mind.

So why am I writing now, well simply I am trying to kick start a few things and the first main thing is my running, this is a easy one as a person in am goal driven and need a purpose to motivate my self, hence I have entered the the aim being to break the 4 hour mark, a time I know I could have done last time if I had been more disciplined in my training. Currently I am running around 20 miles weeks with a long run around 8 miles and with a half marathon just last week I am in a great place to build a solid foundation for April. Recently I have been looking into quite a few different training regimes although i still don't know which one is best, realistically run i can 4 times a week, so if any one knows a good system for a 4 day a week runner please let me know the more information available the better.

The second thing is to finish my short story, i have set a date of the 11th of December for this and will be posting it on here that day, if i don't please feel free to ridicule as often as possible :-)

I love this picture from the Worksop Half, it looks like I am trying to overtake on the corner, reality they were all passing on the inside.

And on that note I better get on with it.