Monday, 2 January 2012

Epic Fail

This is a review of my 2011, obviously from the title you won’t be surprised that I consider this not my most successful year with regard to personal challenges.

Right back at the beginning of the year like most of us will have done I wrote down  a list of things I wanted to achieve this year

1)      Run a sub 1:30 half

2)      Quit drinking

3)      Write a short story

Then there was the odd thing that came up which I tried to do as well

1)        HCA self-protection course

Well I didn’t achieve a single one of them Doh!!, well technically I did finish the HCA course, but I didn’t get out the course what I went in to achieve, this is no reflection on the teaching of the course as the other members who participated took the bull by the horns and blossomed, each one made some massive and incredible changes to their lives. Why didn’t I? well I suppose what I was looking for was an easy answer but what I really got was a reality check that If I am honest I didn’t like and was scared to face and still am, to be honest I am still a bit confused by it all, but it is something I am working on one step at a time.  

With regard to the rest of the items on the list I simply didn’t achieve what I started, normally at this point all the excuse would pop up, lack of time, work pressures, any means off  bull shitty blah de blah blah excuses, however the reality is I haven’t invested enough into achieving the goals. Don’t get me wrong just because I haven’t done them this year doesn’t mean they are not going to get done, and in all but one I have learned a lot about what needs to be done to achieve those goals, not more so than with the case of the Sub 1:30 half my goal was greatly unrealistic in the first place, just trying to do this has given me a whole new respect for those athletes that can run those remarkable times, the build up takes years and the level of discipline is just awe inspiring, like I said the goal is still there I just need to add some smaller goals on the way .

So what can I say for the year, yes I didn’t achieve what I set out to, but I have learned allot and that can only be a good thing. There has been some real highlights, I was honoured to be best man at my mates wedding, watching my kids grow this year has been amazing as they are at that wonderful age of discovery, The whole Mini scene which my wife has got into, on paper this still seems strange but the new friends we have meet and the places we have been to have been quality.  Me and Beck went to our real first proper outdoor concert together, I know that’s sad to say at our age, but it was brilliant. But I think that is the biggest thing I have learned this year, every single time we/I have tried something new or different it’s really paid off we have had some thorerly enjoyable experiences and every time we have stayed safe and done the same old thing, it’s been well, not so good. 
So what for 2011, well it’s not exactly gone according to plan, but has by been no means been bad, the good bits have been great and the rest is learning for next year.  So what next well? the first
thing I have done in preparation is book a April marathon in a city I have never ran in.  “MK here we come” .. 

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