Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Milton Keynes Marathon

As most of you know over the last few Months I have been training for the Milton Keynes Marathon, as a subtle bit of begging for sponsorship @ http://www.justgiving.com/ben-wesson I thought I would give you a bit of insight into how much training is involved just to get to the start line.

At this time of year it can be difficult to imagine the work involved as we all know someone who is running a marathon and with the are big profile events being televised all around the world (London, Paris, Madrid, Boston, Bali, North Pole) which seems to water down the work involved just getting there, so please remember nearly every one of those thousands of runners you see on the television will have done a similar training regime to that shown on the training pages.


I would like to add special well done to James and Paul Mace for there brilliant race at the Brighton Marathon 3:37 and 3:19 respectively amazing times.