Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Running in the rain

Over here in the UK we have had an unseasonably long dry spell in fact it’s been the driest spring on record, but to be fair pretty good conditions for running, with expectation of the odd days they haven’t been too warm  or too cold so it’s made training quite pleasant to be honest almost we have been a bit spoilt.

So when the heavens opened on Sunday I could easily have excused myself and missed the run out, but unfortunately I have had a low mileage week, this was for no particular reason other than I have just been doing other things the problem is I have signed up for the Mansfield Half Marathon which is only two weeks away.

And being the competitive person I am I want to put in a half decent time, I know I haven’t worked hard enough for a PB but somewhere around the 1:45 should be in my reach. Any way it meant I had to hit the road I had planned on a hilly eight miler, so I dug out the old road shoes and water proofs and off I went.

It didn’t start out bad for the first few miles it was that light drizzle that just hangs in the air, after 3 miles the wind starting to pick up and the rain was slowly getting heavier and by 5 it was absolutely bucketing it down, within seconds I was drenched to the skin a minute later my headphones gave up, I find it very hard to describe the sheer amount of rain that fell but for five minutes it was just a constant barrage of water, I could have hidden under a tree but I didn’t want to it was too much fun you couldn’t help smile, to me it was hilarious, you get to a point where your that wet your shoes are squelching with every step that its just funny, motorist driving past look at you gone out as who is this random nutter  plodding down the street with the worlds biggest grin. And when I get home the wife is stood there with a plastic bag and a towel just shaking her head and smiling at the same time, to me this is a brilliant way to spend an hour on Sunday.

Oh please don’t get me wrong I do prefer dry days but the odd drenched day will always make me smile.  

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