Saturday, 4 June 2011

Clearing the Fog

Clearing the Fog

If you’re like me then some days you just wake up and you’re just out of sorts not for any particular reason you just don’t feel yourself, things irritate you which you normally don’t get bothered about and the thought of doing anything is met with contempt and total lack of enthusiasm, it’s like having a blanket of fog cloud you mind and encase you’re body.

My wife has learnt to read the signs she can tell when I am having one of those days....

Yep I know I sound like a complete mentalist and on those days properly am, so what is great these are the days when she tells me to go out and run, she’s not very diplomatic in her approach either  basically I get thrown out of the house and told not to come back for an hour.

Now it’s these days when I realize how much running has become such an important part of my life, the cleansing act of the of putting one foot in front of the other over and over again is so powerful, don’t get me wrong you don’t put a pair shoes on and you suddenly feel better the first three miles are always hell, the process of warming the body up and adjusting you’re breathing is never easy it takes a certain amount of self discipline but the rewards are great, after  this “warm up period” you’re body temperature rises the endorphins begin to flow but most important the mind starts to clear all the silly little depressive thoughts get burned away, It like having a candle inside the further you go the brighter and hotter it burns until it’s that hot and that bright the fog is melted away.  

And now the run is over the day begins, I may have run a eight miler but now I am full of energy, the mind is cleared and centred ready for the trails and tribulations of the day with a spring in my step.

My wife knows this and I know this, clear the fog and light the fire and have a good day J

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